Why You Should Choose Us?

Coordination throughout the plan development is essential in avoiding utility conflicts. Our sole concentration on “utility conflicts” enables UCC to dramatically cut our clients projected costs and eliminate scheduling delays.

During the design phase of a project, UCC works in partnership with the SUE firm in collecting and recording information, determining ownership, and gathering plats of existing utilities. We work to identify conflicts, and once discovered, collaborate with utility owners to determine the feasibility of project redesign or utility relocation. If relocation is unavoidable, UCC will negotiate price, timeframes, and logistics with the utility owners for our clients.

CATS Blue Line Extension

Northeast Light Rail Corridor

I-485 Design Build

I-85 Yadkin River Bridge Replacement Project

NCDOT - U-209B US-74 Independence Blvd.

NC-73 Design Build

Winston-Salem ITS

I-277/South Blvd.

NASCAR Hall of Fame


SBE -City of Charlotte
MWBE -City of Charlotte

NC & SC General Contractor